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Let's face it, being on radio or television is fun and exciting! But it's also hard work if you're going to succeed.

A radio announcer is more than just a pleasant voice. You must have an excellent command of your chosen language or languages, be practical, a good organiser, enthusiastic, creative, and speak correctly and fluently. Because you're talking to an invisible audience the radio listener only has your voice. You must have the ability to paint pictures with your words and use sounds to gain and hold their attention. The TV viewer has pictures you have to compete with and make clear. These are possibly the most exciting careers in the media world as you are in daily contact with news-makers in our society. Talk back hosts, sports broadcasters, news readers, and weather presenters all need a 100% focus on a crisp, clear, dynamic voice.

Technique puts presenters, newsreaders and reporters in charge, giving them more confidence and helping them to relax - this in turn contributes towards higher ratings.

Contact me today to improve your skills as a radio announcer, or  journalist, or a television presenter, newsreader, or reporter.

"David's knowledge and expertise in natural clear authoritative presentation, is invaluable and essential for success in television and radio."      Richard Long, Former Television One News Presenter, Director Trilogy TV Productions.


David England - Professional Voice Coach     Ph: 09 422-0064  Mob: 0272 805-795

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David England - Voice Coach for Radio, Television, Business and Public Speaking