David England - Voice Coach and Vocal Coach for Radio, Television, and Business Presentations and Public Speaking

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  • radio and TV presenters and journalists

  • media professionals

  • business professionals

  • MPs

  • telephone sales / operators

  • if you're looking for a career in any of the above

  • or when English is your second language

Your voice is your calling card

You have less than 7 seconds to make a good impression
. When you hear someone's voice you pass judgment. Is the person sincere, honest, trustworthy, confident, decisive, clear, warm, authoritative, and easy to listen to? Or does s/he sound stressed, flat, lacklustre, bland, bored, dull, dreary, strained, or laboured? Does his/her voice, inspire, motivate, persuade, and excite? Does s/he have presence? It's all in the voice!

David England - Voice Coach for Radio, Television, Business and Public Speaking, vocal coach

The way you SPEAK is more important than the way you LOOK

If you think that your voice is too soft, or too high, monotonic, harsh, nasal, muffled, and you’ve been told that you mumble, you need voice coaching. If you work in a multi-cultural, international environment accent and pronunciation will be an issue. Clarity is vital. If you're in the media or in a business where you need to create opportunities with persuasion and strength, you need a voice coach.

Yes! You need to sound confident and strong. If the vocal energy is weak, you'll sound weak. My name is David England, Voice Coach, and I'll teach you simple techniques that will empower your voice for Radio, Television, Business and Public Speaking. So are you ready to make a positive difference? Are you ready for some fun and success in your life? ...

"When it comes to speaking on television, looking good is the easy part.  It is the voice that is most critical.  And over the past 15 years, David has exclusively trained Touchdown talent in voice presentation.  Most of our 'stars' have passed through his hands and learned how important the voice is when telling a story.  David has an unique ability to teach techniques which they still use to practise today".  Julie Christie, CEO, Eyeworks Touchdown.


David England - Professional Voice Coach     Ph: 09 422-0064  Mob: 0272 805-795

Email: david@voicecoach.co.nz      PO Box 37-136, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand



David England - Voice Coach and Vocal Coach for Radio, Television, Business and Public Speaking